Why is My iPhone battery draining so fast? 5 Common Causes & Solutions

IPhone battery life has always been an issue for users, but with the release of new iOS versions and new features, battery life has taken a huge hit. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the most common causes of battery drainage on iPhones and how to fix them. From low battery alerts to incorrect battery usage, we’ll take a look at the five most common causes of iPhone battery drainage and provide solutions for each. So if you’re experiencing low battery life on your iPhone, don’t worry – this blog post is just the help you need to get your phone back up and running as smoothly as possible!


What causes iPhone battery drainage?

Battery life is an issue that many iPhone users face on a daily basis. Whether it’s low battery warnings or phone battery life that’s steadily declining, there are a few common causes that can be fixed. Follow these tips and your battery life will improve dramatically! One issue to watch out for is poor phone signal – make sure you’re getting the best reception possible. Secondly, make sure you’re using your phone sparingly – two or three hours of screen time per day is usually enough. Thirdly, keep your iPhone clean and free from bacteria and dirt – this will help to improve its overall health. And lastly, make sure you’re using apps that use battery efficiently – app updates, for example, can often use a lot of battery power.

5 fixes for iPhone battery draining problems

Your iPhone battery life is important, and you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. There are a few common causes of battery draining problems on iPhones, and these fixes will help you get your battery life back on track. First, check your battery usage. Monitor the amount of time spent using specific apps, checking email, and browsing the web. If you notice that battery life is draining quickly even when you’re not using your phone, it might be time to adjust your settings. For example, turn off push notifications for some apps. If that doesn’t work, try to disable apps that you don’t use. Last but not least, charge your phone fully prior to each day’s use. This will help it to last throughout the day. Finally, restrict usage during peak hours. This will help to save battery life by preventing your phone from constantly trying to update and download new data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most common reasons why iPhone batteries drain so quickly?

There are a few reasons why your iPhone battery drains pretty quickly. The most common ones are because of apps that constantly run in the background, using your phone’s GPS or wireless features, and using wifi or 3G connections at home overnight. If you have an older model iPhone, it may not have as powerful a battery as newer iPhones do.

How can I conserve my battery power by turning off features that I don’t need?

To conserve battery power on your iPhone, you can turn off features like location services and push notifications. You can also limit the amount of time that your phone is engaged in active use. Older models of iPhones may benefit from upgrading to newer models as battery life has improved over time.

Can a low-quality charger cause my battery to die faster?

A low-quality charger can definitely lead to your battery draining faster on your iPhone. The most common cause of this is when the phone is not being charged properly, and the voltage output is below 2.4V. If you’re experiencing this issue, you may want to try using an Apple certified adapter or charging dock. Additionally, you can also try using a higher-quality charger when charging your iPhone.

Is it possible to deep discharge my battery, and if so, is there any harm done?

Yes, it is possible to deep discharge your battery. However, doing so can have negative consequences on your phone’s health and performance. When your battery’s capacity is regularly drained and not fully charged, this can lead to decreased performance, reduced life span of the battery, and even an early death of the phone. To prevent this from happening, make sure you keep your phone plugged in at all times and don’t deep discharge it by running out of juice repeatedly or leaving your device unused over a long period of time.

Is there anything that I can do to increase the lifespan of my battery?

There are a few things that you can do to increase the lifespan of your battery. 1. Make sure to fully charge your phone before you use it so that the battery has enough juice. 2. Keep an eye out for apps that drain the battery and uninstall them if possible. 3. Finally, keep an accurate record of how much time you spend on different apps – this will help you identify which ones are killing your device’s battery life!

What can I do to keep my iPhone battery from draining so fast?

There are a few things that you can do to help conserve battery life on your iPhone. 1. Check to see if your iPhone is running low on battery by going to the Settings app and turning off Airplane Mode, Location Services, Raise to Wake Up and Night Shift. These settings are usually turned on by default but can drain your battery life over time. 2. Also make sure that you are not leaving your phone plugged in all the time as this will consume more battery. If you’re travelling and need to charge your phone multiple times a day, try using a portable charger instead of plugging it into an outlet all the time. 3. If you use an accessory such as a Apple Watch or Bluetooth headphones, be sure to turn them off when you’re not using them so they don’t drain your iPhone’s battery.

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Is there a way to speed up the charging process of my iPhone?

There are a few things that you can do to speed up the charging process of your iPhone. First, make sure that you’re using your phone for tasks that don’t require heavy use. For example, if you’re just checking email and browsing the web, then your battery won’t drain as quickly. Also, if your phone is old or has low battery life, consider upgrading to a new model. And lastly, make sure you’re not overcharging your phone by following the correct charging procedures.

How much time does it take for my iPhone to fully charge when plugged into the wall?

When it comes to charging your iPhone, it will usually take around two hours for it to reach 100%. However, there are a few things that can slow the charging process down. For example, if your phone has old cables, dirty battery, or is being used excessively, the battery may not be able to drain as fast. To improve battery life on your phone and charge it faster, make sure to use an Apple charger and place your phone in a cool location while plugged in. Additionally, you can try these battery life fixes: – Use different power saving modes (⌘W): This can help reduce battery drain when your phone is not being used as much. -turn off background apps when not using them (Settings > General > Background App Refresh): This will conserve battery life by stopping unnecessary background tasks from running in the background. -clean the app cache & history (iOS 11 – Settings > Battery –> Clean Recent History & Clear App Cache): This will clean up old data and files stored on your phone’s memory so that battery drain is minimized.

Can I use an external charger with my iPhone?

Yes, you can use an external charger with your iPhone. However, before doing so, make sure to read the phone’s compatibility first. This is because not all chargers are designed for use with iPhones. Additionally, there are different types of iPhone chargers available on the market, so find one that matches your needs and demands. In addition to using a regular charger, you can also try some power saving tips like turning off Bluetooth, limiting app usage, and optimizing battery settings.

Does it matter what type of charger I use with my iPhone, or will it work regardless of brand?

It is important to use chargers that are compatible with your iPhone as they can heat up and cause battery drainage. External chargers like the Mophie Juice Pack air are not recommended as they can overheat and damage your phone. Other unapproved chargers, such as power banks or wall adapters, may also damage your phone. If you’re not sure which charger to use, then it’s best to go for a branded one like Samsung or Apple. Another common reason why batteries drain quickly on iPhones is because of apps that are constantly running in the background – try shutting them down when you’re not using them.

Does it matter if I charge my phone overnight or during the day when possible, or should I try to limit

It’s tempting to charge your phone whenever possible, but doing so may not be the best idea. Charging your phone overnight can lead to problems like overcharging and shortened battery life. Try to limit charging your phone during the day if you can as this will help in conserving energy. If you find yourself drained quickly even when not using your device much, there are a few things that you can do: check for updates, install new apps, turn off location services or notifications, disable background app refresh and examine how often you’re using certain features on your device.

How can I improve my iPhone battery life?

There are a few things that you can do on your iPhone to improve battery life. 1. Disable background app refresh: This can use a lot of battery, so it’s a good idea to disable it if you’re not using the app in the background. 2. Turn off location services and notifications: These services drain battery, so you may want to turn them off when you’re not using them. 3. Lower the CPU usage by adjusting settings: Sometimes, by adjusting settings you can reduce battery usage by up to 50%. 4. Enable power saving mode when not in use: This will put your phone into a low-power mode when it’s not being used and will help to conserve battery life.

Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast?

There are several reasons why your iPhone battery may drain quickly. To save battery life, be mindful of the following when using your iPhone: 1. Turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data when not in use: by doing this, you will save power by switching off unnecessary features on your phone. 2. Running old firmware or beta versions of iOS: Updates usually improve the performance of your device and add new features. 3. Increasing brightness levels: The brighter the screen, the more power is needed to display it. 4. Streaming videos or downloading large files: When these activities are ongoing, they consume a lot of juice from your iPhone’s battery. 5. Saving battery life: Whenever possible, try to limit usage of features like streaming video or downloading large files so that battery life remains consistent.

What are the most common causes of a drained iPhone battery?

Here are five of the most common causes of battery drain on an iPhone: 1. Running out of storage space on your device: By default, your iOS device stores all of your photos, videos, and other files in a relatively small location on your phone. As your device fills up with these files, it begins to drain battery life more quickly. 2. Using too many apps at the same time: When you’re using several apps at once, your phone is constantly switching between them which uses energy and battery life. 3. Not turning off background refresh mode when you’re not using it: If you leave your phone plugged into a charger overnight, it will constantly be trying to download new content from the internet which uses power and battery life. 4. Leaving your phone plugged into an electrical outlet overnight: This is another common cause of battery drain because it keeps your phone constantly charging. 5. Failing to charge your phone regularly: Charging your phone every day or two will keep it running smoothly and prevent battery drain.

Which apps do you recommend to help save your iPhone’s battery?

Disable apps you don’t use and turn off features that you don’t need, like location services, Siri and 3D Touch. If your battery is draining quickly even when you’re not using the phone much, it might be time to reboot your device (press power button and home button at the same time for about 10 seconds). Upgrading to the latest iOS version on older iPhone models with non-replaceable batteries can help improve battery life.

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How do I stop my iPhone battery from draining so fast?

There are many things that can drain your iPhone battery quickly, and one of the most common culprits is using the phone for an extended period of time while it’s charging. By limiting how much time you spend on your phone and allowing it to charge slowly, you’ll help to prolong battery life. Additionally, you can try these tips to help conserve battery life on your iPhone: – Turn off background app refresh: By default, background app refreshing (the act of running apps in the background even when you’re not actually using them) can drain your battery life fast. To conserve battery life, turn off background app refresh on your phone. – Disconnect unnecessary apps: When you’re not using an app, disconnect it from your phone by pressing and holding on the app icon until a blue X appears then release it. This will stop the app from constantly syncing files and draining your battery. – Adjust screen brightness: When it’s nighttime or you’re in a dark environment, adjust your screen brightness to a lower setting to save battery life.

What drains iPhone battery the most?

If you’re looking for ways to drain your iPhone battery more quickly, here are five of the most common causes. 1. Installing new apps: By installing new apps, you’re asking your phone to work harder and drain battery life faster. 2. Checking for new messages: Checking for new messages can also drain battery life as it requires your phone to constantly refresh its notifications. 3. Updating apps: Apps that update automatically can drain battery life as they can download and install new files in the background. 4. Using the camera or videos: Camera usage and videos can use a lot of battery power because they use up storage space and run on battery life to keep the camera app running. 5. Playing games: Games like Candy Crush can require constant phone usage as you are regularly swapping between the app and the phone’s screen.

What drains iPhone battery the most?

When it comes to battery life, one of the major culprits is using your iPhone for navigation. By using Siri or touching the screen to make directions, your phone’s battery life quickly drains. Aside from navigation, making calls, using social media apps, and playing games all take a toll on your phone’s battery life. Make sure to disable features when not needed and turn off background app refreshes if possible. If you find yourself always charging your phone, there might be another issue at hand – check out our guide to fixing an unreliable charger!

Why is my phone battery dying so fast all of a sudden?

There are a few common causes and solutions to why your iPhone battery may be draining quickly. The most common culprits include: overuse of the phone, lack of charging alternatives, old/bulky battery, unnecessary apps & not enough storage. To prevent this from happening in the future, follow these tips: – Don’t overuse your phone, use the phone sparingly during long flights or car rides and charge it at least once a day. – If you find that you’re not using your phone as much as usual or if there is no outlet nearby to charge it, try using an external battery instead.

Why does my iPhone’s battery drain quickly?

One of the most common reasons for your iPhone’s battery to drain quickly is due to too much backgrounding or running in the background. To avoid this from happening, make sure you disable all unnecessary apps and turn off auto-sync when not using your device. Additionally, if you have a lot of notifications enabled and are constantly checking them, make sure that you properly charge your iPhone every time it runs out of juice.

Why does the iPhone battery run out fast?

There are many reasons why the iPhone battery drain so quickly, and some of them are due to faulty batteries, old or unused apps in the background, low light usage, etc. If you’re seeing a rapid drop in your iPhone’s battery life even when there isn’t an idle screen on it for extended periods of time, then it’s likely that one or more of your apps is causing heavy usage. To identify which app is draining your battery most and take steps to reduce its impact: Open up Settings -> Battery -> Usage by App and see which app is using the most power. Try disabling unnecessary features like 3D Touch shortcuts or AirPlay enabled applications that you don’t use often.

How do I fix an iPhone battery draining fast?

If your iPhone battery is draining quickly, there are a few things you can do to try and solve the issue. Some of the most common causes for an iPhone battery to drain quickly are due to excessive use or charge cycles. This means that you’re repeatedly charging and using your phone for a long period of time without giving it a break. This can drain your battery faster than normal. To prolong the life of your phone’s battery, make sure you only charge it when it’s fully depleted and mainly use it for short bursts of activity instead of continuously using it. This will help to conserve battery power. Check if any app or tweak on your device is causing undue stress on your battery by running diagnostic tests or deleting unused apps. By doing this, you may be able to identify which app or tweak is causing drained battery life on your iPhone. If necessary, you can then remove or disable that app or tweak.

Why is my battery life draining so fast on my new phone?

If you have recently switched to a new iPhone, your battery life may be draining much faster than usual. This is because the battery in the new phone is designed to drain more quickly in order to save on battery life. To prevent your battery from draining quickly, try to avoid using too many high power applications at once or keep an eye on how long each app is used for before closing it. Additionally, charge your phone overnight every night so that it has enough energy to last through the day.

What causes excessive battery drain on an iPhone?

It’s always a hassle when your iPhone battery dies quickly and you have to recharge it multiple times a day. However, there are some simple fixes that you can do to help conserve battery life on your phone. One of the most common causes of battery drain on an iPhone is streaming videos, using GPS or other location services, playing games, listening to music or using camera features. In addition, you can reduce screen timeout settings and lower the brightness level to save battery life. Additionally, you can turn off unused apps, disable extensions or add-ons that you don’t use.


If you’re noticing that your iPhone battery is quickly draining, there could be a few reasons. In this blog post, we’ll list five of the most common causes of battery drainage on iPhones and how to fix them. Keep in mind that not every issue will be fixable, but by following these tips you’ll be on your way to a battery life that’s worry-free!

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